A downloadable game for Windows

***Work in Progress***

This is a prototype to test gameplay and environment, currently no enemies or objectives.  Follow for future updates!


F - Interact (Can interact with: Control Module, Raw Material Processor, and Water Container)

WASD - move (when not piloting mech)

Other controls are displayed in HUD when using control module or raw material processor.

Alt+F4 to exit, there is also currently no ending.

You're a graduate of the gerbil mech program, and you're stranded on a distant planet.  Find the rescue ship.  Shoot mushrooms, and collect their raw materials to process into resources for your mech.  This was made for the MechaJamIII.

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorLake Monster Games
GenreAction, Shooter


GerbilMechProgramJamBuild.zip 45 MB
GerbilMechProgram.zip 66 MB

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would a multiplayer mode be coming at some point?

Hello! I agree multiplayer would be a great addition, but unfortunately that is not currently part of the plan :(. 

This is awesome, super impressive effects, visuals and particles. At first I was super confused as to why there would be a picture of a squirrel on my dash, until I realized I was a hamster which just made it even funnier. I hope this games grows even more, it would be awesome.

Thank you very much for playing!  This is very much a work in progress and am excited to see it grow as well!