Controls :

Walk - WASD

Tongue Grapple - Left Mouse (Used to attack crew or grapple towards walls)

Interact/Sabotage - E

"Among Them" is a fan made prequel to the game "Among Us" by Inner Sloth.

Created for the May 2022  Week Sauce Game Jam with the theme "Imagine a game you love is the sequel to an earlier, previously unknown, but recently rediscovered game."

In this  game, you play as an alien breaking into the spaceship of an unsuspecting crew. The crew has killed one of your alien friends and it is your goal to avenge their death. 

Sneak onto the ship using the airlocks and sabotage  the different workstations to split up the crew mates. Once one of them is alone will be your chance to attack, but be careful! If you are spotted by a group of them, you'll be joining your friend on the dissection table.


Code - Mike & Nick

Sound - Eli  (

      -Some sounds sourced from

Art - Diana &  Mike 

Mascot - Matt

Development log


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Thank you! Hopefully they do :), and we really enjoyed the theme of this jam as well.  

This game is just so cool. You should totally show it to the Inner Sloth devs, they are gonna love it